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Fernando Atria et al.

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Madrid: Marcial Pons. Doxa 9. Madrid: Centro de Estudios Constitucionales. Essays in Legal Philosophy. Navarro, y Stanley L. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Eugenio Bulygin, Il positivismo giuridico. Theory of Legal Science. Dordrecht: Reidel Publishing. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Racionalidad e irracionalidad

With Jaime Malamud Goti. Review of Julio B. Legal norms and reasons for action, Rechtstheorie , vol. Published in Verbitsky, Civiles y militares , pp. Spanish translation: Libertad, igualdad y causalidad, b , pp. Translated by Andrea de la Fuente. The limits of the enforcement of morality through the criminal law , in Jorge J.

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Another Spanish translation: El concepto de persona moral, b , pp. Translated by Victoria Ricciardi with Gustavo Maurino. El cuatrilema del consecuencialismo , Doxa , vol. Presidencialismo vs. Man and his rights before the law, in Stavros Panou ed. Justicia a la conciencia, La ley , C, pp. The communitarian challenge to liberal rights , Law and ph ilosophy , vol. Reprinted in e , pp. Transition to democracy, corporatism and constitutional reform in Latin America , University of Miami law review , vol. Leung, K. Cross-cultural differences: Individual-level vs. Lopez-Vigil, J.

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Diferencias de generacion y sexo en el pensamiento irracional de universitarios Salvadorenos y sus padres. Lylton, H. Matsumoto, D. Stamford, CT: Wadsworth.

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